A Grand Soiree: Christian Louboutin @ Design Exchange

We all fantasize about owning the iconic classic black heel with red lacquer bottom designed by Christian Louboutin. If you’re in denial about this fact then you’re probably wearing Crocs, knitting a blanket and living in the boonies.

The closest i have gotten to owning one of these 4 inch rockstars is on ebay, where i can purchase a used, scraped up but indefinitely loved pair of Loubie’s for a fraction of their original price. I will do this one day, and I will proudly take all the glory that comes with rocking a brand new pair of these golden slippers.

The Design Exchange in Toronto has housed an unreal exhibit this summer showcasing designs by Christian Louboutin from his early start all the way to his latest design.

A friend and I attended the ‘Grand Soiree’ taking place once a month, sponsored by Grand Marnier.


Walking into the foyer, we were instantly greeted by a bevvy of women all ready to clink their glasses & celebrate the male- designed perfect black pump.

We were handed (only) three drink tickets to indulge in specialty cocktails concocted by Grand Marnier, my favorite being the cleverly named Louboutini. I would never purchase Grand Marnier as my beverage of choice, however they did a phenomenal job advertising this orange liquor.


Parts & Labor catered the event which ended up being a pretty large letdown. I mean, who provides a charcuterie table without cheese. Really? Who actually eats slices of salami  atop of a dry cracker other than at an Italian family dinner? Look around Parts & Labor, the majority of guests in attendance are classy females hoping to quickly get tipsy after being at work dealing with jerks all day. At least provide some cucumbers to let us feel the slightest bit suave. A heaping pile of cured meat accompanied by a ‘specialty pickled blueberry’ (if you could snatch one in time) was just inconsiderate. Cheese. PLEASE.


After we guzzled down two louboutini’s and made a small dent in our mountain of meat, we headed up the staircase to the actual exhibit.

The attentino grabber when we entered the grand hall was a massive golden carousel decked out with flashy lights, and at the end of each hanging ‘swing’ seductively sat a stunning Christian Louboutin heel.



We shuffled our way around the exhibit gawking at exquistie heels which we realistically would never purchase or wear in our lifetimes. Don’t get me wrong, if they are purchased for me, those babies aren’t ever coming off.

The Rolls Royce heel was by far one of favorites. I can just picture Victoria Beckham strutting in Soho on a casual afternoon with my good friend Dave, enjoying a filling glass of ice water.


Another pair that made me giddy were the bunny shoes, designed explicitly for Playboy. They were just so intelligently constructed, with the sharp ears delicately perking up above the pointed toe.


The ‘kinky’ room was only accessible through a large black fabric curtain and did not allow flash photography (sorry vixens). Inside housed bondage-esque shoes, beside each hanged the corresponding erotic photo which highlighted the naked curves of a woman wearing nothing but Loubie’s heels. What a guy.


There were sketches and blurbs and photos scattered all over the exhibit. We read as much as we could, soaking up all the glory that Christian Louboutin gracefully has created for himself. He is a natural talent. A man who somehow mastered a woman’s essential.


Although you would assume that the exhibit was feminine, there was a strong aair of masculinity. Just like an architect designing the perfect wooden chair, or an artist sculpting a his next masterpiece, Mr. Louboutin effortlessly perfected the woman’s shoe.  A fundamental item which forces women to withstand blisters, bruising and absolute discomfort,  beautifully made faultess by a man.


What i took away from this experience:

Either Christian Louboutin has a secret fetish for wearing heels himself (duh), or he is one of the few men in this world who truly understand that Beauty truly is Pain.

Cheers to you Mr. Louboutini, i mean Louboutin.
I’m still waiting on that ebay pair of mine to arrive ..

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