Wish Cafe: A Diamond In The Rough

Let me start off by declaring an A+ for decor. This stunning little boutique restaurant must have taken its inspiration from A Country Kitchen and an all white Alice in Wonderland. The adorable resto is hidden away South of Yorkville just off of Yonge on a quiet one way street.


The first thing you see when passing this little gemstone is an impressive patio, fully decked out in the comfiest white couches, all paired with fluffy pillows and matching blankets. Each table is decorated with fresh flowers that change daily. We were lucky enough to have sunflowers on this overcast Sunday afternoon, my fav.


One of the highlights of this killer patio is that right dead smack in the middle they have a “floating” board highlighting the specials of the day, and below sits a charming stone fountain. I didn’t snap a pic, so you’ll just have to go and see it for yourself.


I could sit on this patio for hours, and so that is exactly what i did.


Among the vintage doorknobs and strategically placed painted white wood accents, my eye was drawn to a big glass bottled labeled DRIP.


Upon investigation i discovered that DRIP was actually maple syrup. Yepp, pure, 100% Canadian maple syrup. And it was heavenly. My favorite part about the bottle was that on the back it hilariously calls out the world famous (right?) Aunt Jemmima for bottling wannabe maple syrup and making a killing for it. That betch scammed all of us! Aunt Jemmima maple syrup has been a staple at my parents place since i was a child. I bet you Aunt Jemmima isn’t even an Aunt! That fraud. Needless to say i will never indulge in her custy corn syrup concoction ever again.


So, with Drip being the new leading lady of breakfast essentials, we decided to fully immerse ourselves in her sweet, sultry goodness. We put her in our coffee, our tea and dipped our fingers into a tiny bowl of her to get the full flavor experience.


The brunch menu was short and sweet, with a nice selection of healthy choices and expected classics. We decided on the French Toast and the Greek Yogurt with Granola and fruit. With a side of bacon. Always a side of bacon.


Best part about the bacon: it is cooked in our new bestie DRIP! mmmm…


We hung around for a couple hours, lounging in our big white LA-Z-BOY waiting for the storm to pass.  The perfect hungover Sunday.


Wish sells Drip for purchase if you are really craving a Maple Syrup fix!

I will be back, the dinner menu is just too delicious to ignore. That Lobster Bisque is calling me. Oh, and calamari with proscuitto aioli? YesYESyes.

ImageAnd to top it all off, a nice big cuddle from the largest kitty kat in town.
My Wish came true.

4 thoughts on “Wish Cafe: A Diamond In The Rough

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ll have to check it out the next time I visit my friend, D who lives at Yonge and Carlton. Thanks for stopping by and deciding to follow me. I’ll be checking out more of your posts. Carol


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