Sweet & Boozy: Ontario Peach Mint Lemonade

Here in Ontario the middle of August means (to me) fresh peas, fresh ontario sweet corn, sunflowers and of course fresh, sweet peaches!


After taking Thunder to the big boy dog park for a couple of hours, i decided the day was too beautiful to spend hungover indoors. The sun was shining, i was smiling, my pup was panting and we were both feeling good. On top of this, mother nature has decided to hex Toronto this summer with rain, cold weather and overcast days. So, i should really embrace the select few gorgeous days like this as often as i can. Take that hangover.


I decided to extend my outdoor Sunday adventures and took the little man to the park about 10 minutes from my place. This park is huge, full of trees for shade, and has a trail that runs through the entire grounds. I let Thunder off the leash as i did hill sprints. It was absolutely adorable watching him try to catch up to me and then get insta- distracted by a twig, or a bird, or something.
As of now, i destroyed Thunder in hill sprints. 50-4.


After our day in the sun, i needed a drink. Realistically i was probably dehydrated and needed some good old H2O. Instead, i decided to invite over a friend to make dinner and some ice cold alcoholic PEACH, MINT LEMONADE.


Perfect right? I had a basket of fresh Ontario peaches in my house, and conveniently the grocery store beside myself had caught on to the concept of ‘fresh’ and had specials on “peach lemonade” carbonated pop and “peach bellini” syrup! Hooray!



PEACH MINT LEMONADE! So delicious. So fresh. So absolutely tasty.


I used gin because vodka is disgusting, but i’m sure any white alcohol would go nicely with this concoction. I used mint because i had some leftover from moijtos, but i think Lavender would be a really nice substitute as well. Here ya go Alchy’s, happy mondays!


  • Gin
  • Peaches
  • Lemon
  • Fresh Mint
  • Peach Bellini syrup
  • Peach Lemonade Carbonated Pop
  • Ice


Step 1:
Cut up your peaches and lemon into slices!

Step 2:
Roughly chop up your mint (or muddle it with sugar) to release their flavour

Step 3:
Fill a pitcher with crushed ice

Step 4:
Pour in your gin, carbonated pop & sugary peach stuff

Step 5:
Add in your peaches, lemons and mint. (Save some of the fruit for garnish)

Step 6:

Step 7:
Pour yourself a glass and then place the pitcher in the fridge so all the flavours mesh together

Step 8:
Guzzle !



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