Gramma’s Oven: The Best Reason To Visit The GTA

Sometimes on my days off i like to help my parents out in the office and do some of the jobs that require driving around. Who doesn’t want to get paid to not have to sit in a stingy, window-less office? On top of that, i get paid mileage! Gas station here i come.

When i am in the city i do my best to not drive. Ever. It just doesn’t make sense, and to top that off, i have not had the best track record lately. I just shouldn’t be on the road.

Last week i had to go up to Newmarket to deliver something important to someone special, or something. Amidst my passing of cows, sheep and the smell of heavy duty manure, i remembered an adorable little gemstome of a restaurant i used to go to in high school. (Yes i went to high school in Newmarket, and we wont discuss this again)


It is so hard to find a fresh, delicious sandwich anymore. Most places try to do so much with their sandwiches and in the process forget that good quality ingredients really are the most important. Gramma’s Oven European Bakery and Cafe offers made- to – order sandwiches with the softest home baked bread, fresh crisp ingredients and the perfect amount of sauce to even it out.


They bake a large selection of bread loaves daily, as well as an array of buns ranging from panini and Calabrese style all the way to bagels and biscuits.


Their menu hasn’t changed much since the last time i went there. They offer 5 sandwich options and always have two home made soups a day.

I opted for my go-to. A cheese sandwich on multigrain toast, and i got my mum a turkey on Panini bun. The topping options are simple: Butter, Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, cheese.


The sandwiches are not grilled. If they were it would ruin the beauty of the bread.

Places like Subway or Mr. Sub have their vegetables out all day geting soft and warm. At Gramma’s, the sandwich comes out with the crispest ingredients, and the perfect balance of sauce to toppings.


Always a phenomenal experience at Gramma’s. They have hot drinks and desserts as well if you’re craving a sweet treat. You can choose to dine- in or take- out, both options get you what you want (good food). I have tried to recreate this sandwich at home and you just can’t do it. The homemade bread is the key ingredient.


Oh, and they shred the lettuce. Always shred the lettuce.

You NEED to check this place out. If you’re in the area stop in! If you;re headed up to the cottage, take a detour! This place is worth it i promise. It’s like Bellybusters but healthy, and with dessert!


Bon Appetite.


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