Weekend Food Adventures

Most of my weekends consist of a mixture of beverages, dance moves, hangovers, and attempts to find the cure to said hangovers in the form of food. Not only do i take part in the act of weekend brunch, lunch and dinner, i have dedicated each and every Sunday to recovery, cleverly naming this glorious day as BLT sunday.


BLT sunday consists of mowing advil, heading across the street to the grocery store, purchasing a loaf of bread (i switch it up every Sunday), crisp lettuce, fresh tomato and all natural, organic bacon (the best). I then proceed to sizzle that griddle AKA bacon time, sprayo (the act of spreading mayo) my bread, assembling my sandwich and never looking back. No regrets.


During every other meal time of the weekend, i like to switch things up. If i don’t feel too hungover, i’ll stick to healthy choices. Fortunately, this past Saturday morning ended up being a good day in relation to my late night. After an hour at the dog park with my little man, me and B headed over to Rawlicious in Yorkville.

Rawlicious specializes in juices, smoothies, and a whole menu of really well done vegan dishes. Their menu consists of vegan pad thai, vegan pizza with cashew cheese, a handful of salads and of course some delicious vegan desserts.

We ended up getting our smuice fix (yes thats a mixture between smoothie and juice). I like the juices, B likes the smoothies. So on Saturday, we Smuiced.


Big green and little green. My juice was filled with my favorite mixture of fruits and veggies: apples, kale, spinach, celery, cucumber and ginger, while the smoothie had banana, kale, coconut and almond milk. delish.

I also ordered my favorite dish on the menu, the nori rolls. Really yummy, not too seaweed-y, and the dip is good enough to drink. Every time. No shame. It’s just that good.


We then went for a long walk to Nadege for some macaroons. I would upload more pics, but the macaroons were demolished in meer seconds. I really enjoy the cotton candy flavor because i am the ripe age of a 4 year old princess, but they have an array of flavors to choose from ranging from salted caramel all the way to cherry chocolate.


Sad to say, this Sunday was an unsuccessful BLT sunday. Since i made plans to remove my lazy butt from the couch and proceed to get absolutely silly with my girls, we decided that BLT sunday should be replaced with a trip to Rose & Sons for brunch.

This awesome spot is located at Dupont & Davenport and has become increasingly popular this summer with their addition of a backyard BBQ patio bar called the Big Crow. We really wanted brunch food, not BBQ, so we waited the 20 minutes for our spot.

Rose & Sons has a small menu, but they do it right. All the sauces are homemade, the bread is homemade, and the dishes they come up with are super unique.

First off, check out this ceasar! It comes with a sour pickle and a warm hickory smoked sausage on top. UNREAL!? I was one happy camper.


We ordered two dishes off the brunch menu. The first was griddled Brie on top of house made cheddar corn bread, topped with brisket, a fried egg and carmelized onions. It sat on top of maple syrup, a fruity sauce and Rose & Sons homemade green sauce.


Is your mouth watering!? It should be.. this dish had the most odd but right mix of flavors, it was unlike anything we have tasted before. Needless to say, the plate was absolutely empty by the end of it. My brunch date is notorious for leaving one bite of their meal on the plate since it somehow makes them feel less guilty for their gluttony. I call this maneuver the ‘one bite Betty’. There were zero ‘one- bite Bettys’ at our brunch this morning.

In an attempt to be healthy, i ordered the house- hanged yogurt with homemade peanut and poppy seed granola, strawberries and rhubarb, atop a pool of sweet maple syrup. The granola was really yummy, and the yogurt was thick and creamy.


Our server let us in on a secret. To get the yogurt so creamy and delicious, they hang the yogurt in-hosue. Wtf does this mean? Well, they place the yogurt in cheese cloth and hang it up on a string for a day or so, allowing all the excess liquid and moisture to drip out. This lets you make basically your own Greek yogurt at home. Cool huh?


Our last food adventure isn’t really one to write home about. Our friends’ booth at Cabana came filled with an array of finger foods to cleverly help us soak up the Vodka. We sat, listened to music, drank vodka soda’s, ate mini spring rolls and watched the sun set on this beautiful city.


Another weekend checked off the list. Another notch on the belt being put to good use.


Happy Monday’s everyone!

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