Liquid Love: BarChef

This weekend is full of laughter, good wine and many celebrations. To start the festivities off with a big bad bang, we decided to finally try out a mysterious looking hole – in-the- wall bar/ resto that hides away on Queen West. Most people talk about this place, but not many have been able to experience since it is ALWAYS closed and is ridiculously overpriced. Today we got lucky.


We opened the big black door of BarChef and was instantly surprised. I was confused, had we walked into O Noir(that pitch black resto with blind waiters)? The place  had not one light on and i instantly thought “F*ck it must be closed still”. As our eyes adjusted, we noticed the candles burning on each table and the bar, creating a very creepy atmosphere. The bar was MASSIVE, and completely lit by candlelight. it was a scene out of the Adams family, except they serve killer drinks and delicious tapas style fare.


We only stopped in to get an overly expensive cocktail before headed to Nota Bene for probably one of the best meals of my life. We sat down in a slightly- lighted area of the resto, and a server was there immediately. The cocktail lists are outrageous, ranging from Punch Bowls, Sweet and Sour, Sipping and of course, modernist. Barchef is known for their crazy concoctions that can be found under the Modernist section, ranging from beach essence and rose steam all the way to coconut water snow.


Being the Mordenist that i am, i ordered what was mouth- wateringly named the Black Truffle. Complete with black truffle snow, smoked salt, coconut foam, fresh Lime rind, gin, coconut liquer and elderflower liquor. Excuse me while i rewrite all those ingredients. THIS DRINK WAS INSANE.


The best part was the experience of eating/ drinking it. it came out on a 416 snackbar inspired stone tray accompanied with 5 separate spoon that were topped with the black truffle snow, smoked salt and coconut foam.


The point of the drink was to first take the bite off the spoon, swish it around your mouth and THEN sip your drink, letting all the flavours meld together. WTF WTF WTF.


The spoonfulls of heaven were basically truffle whipped cream, and mixed with the drink was probably one of the greatest liquoid combinations i have ever experienced. Well worth $25? I actually may think so.


B got the Symphony No. 5 from the Sipping menu. For a measly $16 his tiny cup came filled with gin, vanilla brandy, green chartreuse, rosemary syrup, dill bitter and orange blossom water. Good things comes in small packages is absolutely correct for this beautiful beverage.


We only had time for one drink, but it was well worth it. We left feeling a little tipsy already, the signs of a truly great mixologist.

As we entered back into the light (outside)  we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Next time we are going back for tapas and that Sailor’s mojito i was eying.

Cocktail City.

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