Nota Bene: Eat Well

Sorry i have been MIA for the past few days, but this past week/ weekend was full of celebration. Not only was it one of my best friends birthdays, i also got to get all dolled up and celebrate, for 5 consecutive days, the day of my own birth. Complete with cupcakes, Cristal and countless bouquets, i really could not have felt more special. Instead of explaining all the wonderfully drunk evenings that will go down in the record books, i wanted to give a little review of one of the best birthday meals i have ever had.


Nota Bene on Queen St W is a massive restaurant, a little outdated in decor, and unbelievably delicious. The food was absolute art. We were already a little buzzed when arrived at the front door, and after a beautiful bottle of Brunello di Montalcino (my fav) we could not have been more satisfied.


Since this was a birthday dinner, it was only right to go absolutely all out. I ordered the Nova Scotian lobster salad to start. It was so pretty, with thick buttery poached chunks of lobster and the happiest little masa tater tots amongst other tiny bites of goodness.


B got the Crispy Duck Salad because he wanted to be “healthy” too. It arrived with chopsticks on the side just in case we wanted to embrace our love for Asian cuisine. The professional sushi eaters that we are, we quickly picked up bites of crispy duck, papaya slaw and crumbled cashews. yummy.


I liked my salad much more than B’s. I mean, Come on? Lobster vs. duck? Lobster ALWAYS wins.

Next up were our main courses. I find that perfectly cooked scallops are super hard to come by, so i don’t usually order them (unless i am at Suser Lee’s restaurant, that man is a Scallop Superstar). Tonight, i put my trust in head chef David Lee and i ordered the Wild Digby Sea Scallops dish.



Oh baby. The scallops were so crispy crunchy on the outside, and so fluffy and light in contrast. My favorite part were the sides that accompanies my main, including a tomato foam (wtf?) and a cauliflower puree.


Not to mention, on either side of my four plump cushions of love there was a little salad of charred corn, Pancetta and the most adorable looking Chantrelle mushrooms.


Chantrelle mushrooms are absolutely magical looking, and i loved the playful finesse they added to the dish. Each bite, complete with each ingredient, was heaven.


I could eat this dish every day for the rest of my life. A girl can dream right? I feel like i have said this before.


B ordered a main dish too, i swear. I was just too caught up in my sea scallop ecstasy to snap a photo of his. it probably wasn’t as good as mine anyways, no regrets on my part.


Dessert is never my favorite part of the meal. I really do prefer savoury over sweet, unless its cupcakes. Or caramel crunch cake. So, for dessert i selected 3 choices from the cheese menu to finish with my last glass of Brunello.


I love Charcuterie trays. There is so much room for creative presentation, it makes it very hard to go wrong, yet even harder to make your tray stand out.


My three gourmet cheese’s came on a wooden plank complete with little fixings and crostini’s to customize each bite.


I forget the type of cheeses we choose, but seriously anything but blue makes this girl happy. I love soft and gooey. I love sharp and crumbly. I especially love anything with truffle, but only in moderation, that sh*t is super rich. B helped me of course, he likes cheese equally as much as myself. We’re just that cheesy (haha).

We also ordered a sweet treat to satisfy the boys’ dessert fix. It was a chef’s creation and i totally forget what it was (jeez how drunk was I?) but it looks like panna cotta with peaches and praline.


Needless to say, as we stumbled out of the restaurant (literally), i could not have been a happier birthday gal. Belly full and body buzzed, B did absolutely perfect for the first of many birthday surprises.


Nota Bene. Eat Well. Check.

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