The More Men I Meet, The More I Love My Dog

With summer coming to a very quick, dark and dreary close, it is always a treat to spend some time in the sun. I usually squeeze in my outdoors adventures  between working and school, in the form of dog walking. Thank whoever it is up there that my pup weighs in at a hefty 4 pounds because his walks usually do not last longer then 10 minutes. I’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry.


When i actually find the time to embrace the summer, i can’t bare to leave the little man at home. Usually this occurs on weekend mornings when i am too hungover to sleep in, and Thunder is pawing at my face in desperate need of a pee. So, I strap on his leash, grab some treats, drive the four blocks (don’t judge) and end up at the beautiful Allan Gardens.


The entire area within the College, Gerard, Jarvis and Sherbourne boundaries is dedicated to this wonderful green space. The park is massive, complete with seating areas, gazebo’s, a massive greenhouse open to the public, stunning flora and fauna, wonderfully massive trees for shade, and my favorite part, the dog park.


This is no regular dog park. First off, it is absolutely massive, both of them. Yes you heard (read) me, there are two parks in one. They have a small dog park for all dogs under 20 pounds, and then a larger dog park is connected to it.


Imagine the interaction in the small park? It is actually a hangover cure. A whole handful of adorable, miniature, awkward pups playing with each other? It should be called a smile park, not a dog park. You can’t sit in this place without having a giggle.


Thunder is the anti- social kind of dog. He’s been getting better, but he truly is that kid on the playground happily standing alone in the corner. He is an observer.



Thunder enjoys hanging out with me rather then with the other pups. Sometimes he gets adventurous but he is usually a Momma’s boy.



He also has made a friend recently, a tiny Chihuahua named Lappo. I would show you a picture, but with two pups this tiny, it is impossible to capture their swiftness with how fast their little legs go.


I sometimes bring Thundy into the larger dog park when he’s in the mood to run fast (for a second). He especially dislikes larger dogs because they are so energetic around him, evident in him taking on a Great Dane as well as nipping at the nose of a full grown rottweiler. This is not considered brave everyone, this is a serious case of ‘small dog’ syndrome, and is plain stupidity. Needless to say, we usually stick to small park.


I have sat here for over an hour before, unalcoholic beverage in hand, just observing. The actual park is so beautiful. Apart from a holler and a cry from a hobo or two, it is definitely worth a visit.


There are so many places to read, or sit & ponder. You can always find shade on a hot day, and it is very rarely packed full of people.


I even snuck Thunder into the greenhouse to snap some photos for you. He pee’s on everything in here, so we had to go quickly.



The greenhouse is MASSIVE, and has benches inside in case you wanted to hang out. They have a continuous supply of greenery and exotic flowers, herbs and plants.


It is very magical in here, and is the perfect hiding spot on a rainy day. If you are ever in need of some inspiration, look no further.


They also have little signs beside each plant telling you its name and a small description.


The best room is the cacti room. They have so many different types! It literally looks like a scene from under the sea, sans the sea.IMG_0241

Including these babies which remind me of a super uncomfortable ottoman.


If you are looking for something to do on the weekends and don’t want to spend money this is the place. Pack a picnic complete with some wine and just hang out. The park is so large that it is very easy to find a secluded area to just chill for the day.


Maybe i will force my girlfriends to come with me this weekend. Picnic, a good book, and some mimosa materials sounds like the perfect sunday to me.


Summer is almost over, don’t waste any time indoors. We’re going to be stuck inside all Winter, sigh.

See ya at the dog park!


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