A 70’s Soiree: TIFF Closing Gala

This past Saturday evening my eyes were sparkling with excitement for the final premiere and closing gala of TIFF, Toronto’s International Film Festival. When A told me that Papa Ron (her fabulous father) was giving his ticket to lil old me, my first thought was (of course) , “wtf am i going to wear!?”


Toronto was buzzing this past week with lights, camera, and action. Hosting the second largest film festival in the world, the downtown core was slam packed with well dressed citizens, even better dressed celebrities, smooth (and not so smooth) paparazzi, and an array of friendly faces dressed in orange T’s. This massive influx of buzz is thanks to TIFF, and I am so proud of this city for being able to pull it off.


Of course it was on everyones mind that they might sneak a peek of a celebrity, including myself. My excitement in this game of hide and seek was directed more towards the thought that all these fabulous celebrities have travelled from all over North America and beyond to come to Toronto. So many people made there way to our city to celebrate the hard work, dedication and passion of everyone involved in the creation of these films. It was a treat to catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt or Scarlett Jo, but in my opinion it was much much cooler just knowing they were here, in Toronto, for TIFF. That at any turn of a corner you could accidentally run into someone you have only ‘met’ on the big screen. Any well- dressed man or woman had the potential to be a star, or a star’s assistant, or a star’s acquaintance. Everyone has a story from their TIFF experience, whether it was that they made it to the premiere of a film, or that they saw Kiera Knightley sitting at Sassafrazz in Yorkville for lunch. TIFF truly did stir up an almost overflowing pot of glitter and gold this past week in Toronto, and it is hard to come to terms with the fact that it is already over.

My evening on Saturday began with a rough start.


At 630pm, I was still cuddled up in a little ball just like this. J and I had not moved all day. Well, we made a BLT, but then continued to nap and watch episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Needless to say, we did not keep up, we napped. Catching as many ZZZ’s as possible, i’m happy to announce i made a successful recovery. A and I somehow got ready in under at hour, made it to Roy Thompson Hall, and got to our seats before the premiere of ‘Life of Crime’.


I must admit, when Jennifer Aniston came on the stage before the film, i was giddy with excitement, but not enough to snap a photo. I wanted to enjoy seeing her. She looked stunning, and it was nice to appreciate her presence, instead of snapping the same photo that the 150 + flashes from the audience would capture. Life of Crime was a great film. I heard mixed reviews from who i talked to after the film, but i truly did enjoy it. Jennifer Anniston played her role really well. It was funny and witty and smart. Oh, and Bobby from SOA is in the film, or better known as Mark Boone Junior. Score.


The film was set in the 70’s, and after it was all said and done, the entire main hall of Roy Thompson transformed into a spectacular 70’s themed party. They wrapped the pillars in 70’s fabric, placed retro- style flowers on each table, and provided 70’s themed food and hors d’oeuvres including ham and grilled pineapple sandwiches.


The alcohol was complimentary. I repeat, the alcohol was complimentary. A and I probably drank a bottle of red each in the first hour or so, but kept it classy with the crystal wine glasses they provided.


There were trays and trays of hors d’oeuvres being walked around, hot dog and sandwich bars, as well as fully stocked cocktail bars where you could get a drink of anything you pleased. The goods were infinite and the guests well- dressed.


They had live music on both sides of the venue. On one, a live band which was great ear candy as we guzzled our way through our first glasses. Once we were silly enough to wander, we ventured over to the multi-colored dj area.


The dj booth was set up like a 70’s living room, and spun an array of 70’s jams from The Jackson Five to The Temptations, and even a little bit of KC and the sunshine band (That’s the way, uh huh uh huh, i like it) … you get the point.


We met up with N on the DFloor and completely let loose. The baddest of dance moves were introduced to Roy Thompson that evening. We whipped our hair, stomped our feet and twirled each other around all the way until 2am.


We left the party early to meet up with friends, since TIFF is the club God that allows Toronto to keep bars and clubs open until 4am. When will this become the norm? Just a side note, it is so much more convenient to go out later, and thus stay out later. I am tired of this 11pm departure time. A girls gotta relax.


Such a beautiful ending to a phenomenal week of film, culture and creativity. I guarantee that they saved ‘Life of Crime’ til the end JUST so we could all party 70’s style. Who doesn’t want to have an excuse to do the twist, rock the flower power and get silly with under the sea dance moves without being at a Bar mitzvah?


The perfect evening.

Kudos TIFF. See ya next year.

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