A Short Adventure On Queen West

With Thunder taking a weeks- long vacation up at his country home (my parents place), i have found myself waking up on  days i don’t work feeling bored and under- appreciated. Instead of little licks and playful pawing, i rely on text messages, Instagram and snap chat to get me up in the mornings. Unfortunately for today, social media wasn’t doing it for me. I needed something else. So, after my morning run, i decided i would take a Thunder- less adventure down to Queen west.


I originally went just to check out Terroni’s new bakery / sandwich shop called Sud Forno, but on my way i remembered an intriguing little tea shop that i have walked (drove) by countless times without going inside.


I have always been a big fan of tea, and with the massive rise in wasting money on a healthy, yoga- inspired lifestyle, loose- leaf tea shops have had a kind welcoming to my little world.


This store is called TEALISH, and from the moment i walked through the door i knew i had made a very big mistake.


The back wall was laid out in the exact same way as David’s and Teavana, but the cannisters were playfully decorated in an array of pastel colors. I inquired about how much the loose- leaf tea usually costs, and was surprised at the price. The smallest amount you can get is 50 grams costing you about $5- $7. THIS IS AN AMAZING PRICE. At David’s tea i pay $6 for 25 grams of tea, and no offence, its not even that good. Teavana is on a whole other level. Their tea is unreal, and super expensive.


Tealish is an awesome middle ground between the two loose leaf dominatrixes. They have the same marketing style as David’s tea, with the quality of Teavana but at a much cheaper price. I knew i would be spending much more money than planned, so instead of fretting i got right to it. The walls were lined with funky teapots and tea ‘essentials’ (aka stuff you don’t need but buy anyways, like a fancy fkn teaspoon to ensure precise measurements).


For each specialty tea they had displayed on the walls, they had a teeny tiny glass jar for you to open and take a sniff. There were hangover teas and sleep teas all the way to teas for ‘him’ and teas for ‘her’. It truly was a huge tease (haha).


They even somehow managed to create a tea that was a sip of fresh air. If this were actually real it could be a huge medical breakthrough. Silly false advertising.


I ended up buying 5 separate 50g bags of tea, including coconut blossom, sweet macaroon, and some hot chocolate impostor black tea. All of this, plus a cup of ‘Queen St. W’ to go, my order came to only $36.00.


I left giddy with a miniature tea coma, and headed down the street to Sud Forno to get my Italian Stallion sammy fix.


If you have ever been to Terroni in Toronto you know how unreal their food is. They do Italian food right, and that is a very hard feat to accomplish. If you have ever gone out for dinner with me you will know that i will never order pasta at a restaurant. My reasoning behind this is why would you settle for mediocre when you’ve already had the best? No restaurant can make pasta better than in Italy, or Il Fogolar in Woodbridge, or my Zia Nieves. Oh, and Terroni.


The only reason i have to be jealous of everyone who has headed to Kingston for another year at Queen’s is that they get to go to Pan Chancho whenever they want. This used to be my weekend ritual, until the traumatizing baba ganouj incident that has left me in dip city limbo. Regardless, I have been forever searching for a bakery that compares to Pan Chancho, and i think i have finally found it. Once i heard that Terroni had opened a new bakery / sandwich shop i had to check it out.


It is just as rare to find a perfect italian sandwich as it is to find fluffy home made pasta. Decorated to look like an authentic Italian cantina, Sud Forno is as intriguing from the outside as it is inside.


They offer a large selection of baked goods in a variety of sizes, so you can still indulge without feeling like an Italian. They have bombe’s and chocolates and doughnuts and mini cakes. All home made in the ‘laboratorio’.


Having less of a sweet tooth than a savoury one, i was more interested it what was happening closer to the back of the shop. They have homemade breads and buns for purchase, as well as an entire shelf of house made panini sandwiches to get you through lunch safe and happy.


A token of Italian take away food is thin crust square pizza. Most places in Italy will have a massive carpet sized piece of pizza that they cut into slices in which you decide the size. They then weigh it, and you pay by the weight.


At Sud Forno, they have their pizzas pre- sliced, but this does not take away from how delicious they look. At this point my mouth is watering, and Tealish is a faint memory in my mind. At the back corner of the counter i notice my favourite Italian panini.


Sandwiched between two thin, crispy slices of foccacia is arugula, prosciutto, tomato and soft mozzarella. I am sold. For $6 i was able to enjoy one of the most authentic italian sandwich i have had since being in Florence last summer.


Heaven people, i was in heaven. They had samples of their bread and pizza all over the store for new customers to greedily stuff their faces with.


There was house- made granola, a full espresso and cafe bar, and an entire bookshelf of Italian cooking necessities.



Feel free to help yourself to a cold glass of complimentary Acqua to accompany your perfect foccacia sandwich. I would have sat down and enjoyed my lunch in- house but if i had stayed i would have bought the whole store out. (Who am i kidding, i worked an unpaid internship all summer).


Sud Forno is absolutely killer, and i think everyone should cancel their weekend brunch reservations now and plan on heading here. You will not be disappointed.


BLT sunday is now at jeopardy of loosing its glorious spot in my life.


Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “A Short Adventure On Queen West

  1. Sadly, if you think “Teavana” has quality tea, you need to do a little more digging. There are so many tea shops out there that sell much better quality than teavana at incredible prices. It’s also sad to see people thinking the same of David’s tea which is both expensive and inferior in quality – not to mention the fact that David’s Tea often “forget” ingredients on their listings and has stevia in a number of their teas.
    Tealish is far better than both places!


    1. Hey Michele thanks for reading! I don’t think it’s sad to think Teavana has quality tea, i definitely enjoy some of their flavours, especially their newest white chocolate peppermint tea. I also do love finding new and different loose- leaf tea shops. Do you have any suggestions? Its always nice to find new places in the city.


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