Autumn Inspiration: Time For A Change

I assume that the crisp air which the Fall season brings contains traces of crack, only because October traditions are so damn addicting. There is something super festive about this particular change of weather. It’s the first time in months you come home from a cold walk and instantly crave a hearty homemade soup. A new wardrobe is clutch since fall sweaters and boots are always the most anticipated of all seasons. And most importantly, spending time with friends frolicking in a corn field or tripping over vines in a pumpkin patch is the best medicine a girl could ask for.


Autumn is a time for a change. The leaves know whats up: that actions truly do speak louder than words. So stop packing your bathing suit on weekend getaways (J) and start searching the back of your closet for that awesome scarf you spent all last winter knitting (A).


My favourite part of October is that the change is inevitable. You can’t stop the leaves from turning red, yellow and orange, that sh*t is in their blood (mellanine).  You can’t keep the cold air at bay, and you definitely cannot keep holding on to memories of summer, because in the blink of an eye that nasty brown slush will coat each and every f*cking street you plan to walk on. Say goodbye to running outdoors and hello to awkward gym dates. Have you tried walking a 4 lb dog in a Canadian winter? It is impossible.  So, lets EMBRACE the fall weather while we can.


Most importantly, lets accept all the new and different changes that are coming to you this year. The only constant is change. It’s a time for fresh starts, new beginnings, and most importantly a brand new wardrobe. But seriously. Fuck New Years. It’s just another excuse to get absolutely blackout and remember nothing, with the plus side being that everyone else will be so blackout they won’t remember you walking around naked or burning your face with your own cigarette butt.


Autumn is time to clear your head, mind and body of the negativity you’ve been carrying around all Summer that the sunny days thankfully made you forget. Sunshine makes you happy. Canadian winters AKA lack of sunshine can make you sad and depressed. So get rid of all that bad shit now while you can. Give yourself a blank slate to work with. Just as the leaves change their colour, allow yourself to change too. To grow, to shed and to embark on a new cycle of your life.


Make your home made soups. Fill your car up with people who make you laugh and go on an adventure to find a pumpkin patch. Get yourself an awesome new pair of boots. Clean up your room (your life). Buy a new book to read. Go apple picking. Burn delicious smelling candles. Drink red wine. Slide around your condo in big knit slippery socks. Cook squash. Carve a pumpkin. Eat as much chocolate as your Halloween guilt trip will allow. Cook a Thanksgiving meal for your friends. Make your own candy apples. Bake a pie. Get lost in a corn field. Watch the sunset all bundled up in blankets from the roof of your car. Decorate your house for halloween. Make roasted pumpkin seeds. Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Go for a nature walk. Buy Fall inspired tea. Drink lots and lots of tea. Make homemade peanut butter cups. And let go of all the built up negativity you’ve been holding onto all year.












“Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”
― Stephen Chbosky


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