Eat Like You Mean It : Soup Diaries

As I shivered in bed this morning I contemplated two things : to jump off my balcony and escape this Canadian winter for good, or to melt Jack Frost’s icy soul with a heaping bowl of my homemade hearty winter soup. I opted for the latter option, bundled up in each article of clothing that I own, and walked one minute (yep) to the grocery store.


A bowl of soup on a cold winter day just makes sense. I always look on in shock when I see a lady walk down the street with ice cream or froyo in -20 degree weather. Either that frozen treat is medicinal, or this woman is from the Yukon and Toronto weather aint got nothin’ on her.


Regardless, I am positive that she would gladly swap her cold treat for a steamy homemade soup in an instant. We all know you don’t want to be eating ice cream right now, put your pride away and come inside.


This soup is easy, and can be moderated any which way you like. The only things that should never change is : 1. if you’re using store- bought stock, ALWAYS buy sodium free and 2. Season as you go !







1 package of no sodium veggie broth
1 Spanish Onion
2 tbsp Chopped Garlic
1 Carrot
3 Celery sticks
4 Cremini mushrooms, sliced
Package of Enoki mushrooms (bc they f*n rock)
1 Red Pepper (for sweetness)
1 Zucchini, cut in half and sliced
1 quarter of green Cabbage sliced
Bunch of Swiss chard, stems removed, sliced
Frozen Corn
Green Onion
Toasted Sesame Seeds
Sesame Oil
Tamari Sauce (gluten free soy)
2 tbsp Corn Starch
1/3 package of Truffle gnocchi (or pirogies, or tortellini, or ravioli, whatever floats your boat)
Seasonings (I use MTL steak seasoning and an Italian seasoning blend)
Black Pepper

**DONT add salt unless desperate. The Tamari sauce and seasonings will act as your sodium.






Step 1:
Heat up a pot on medium- high heat with sesame oil. Add chopped onion, garlic, black pepper / seasoning and saute until translucent
Step 2:
Add in your carrots and celery and 1 cup of broth, cook until bright
Step 3:
Add in all your mushrooms. Pour in 1/4 cup of Tamari sauce (give or take), more pepper and sesame oil. Let the mushrooms cook and the broth will turn brown. (You can add in some red wine here if you have it on hand
Step 4:
Once broth is brown, add in your red pepper, cabbage, swiss chard and zucchini. Pour in the rest of your broth, add a splash or 2 more of tamari sauce and sesame oil and let it simmer
Step 5:
If you want more broth, add as many cups of water to suit your needs, and remember to season appropriately!
Step 6:
Take a cup of hot broth from your pot and stir in 2 tbsp of corn starch. This will help thicken your broth a bit. Add more or less as you desire, and pour the corn starch stock back into the pot
Step 7:
Season heavily (remember, sodium free stock allows you to build the flavor) and bring soup to a boil
Step 8:
Once boiling, add in your frozen corn and gnocchi. When the gnocchi float to the top its all done!




To serve, garnish with some sliced green onion and toasted sesame seeds


You can use any veggies you like, I just prefer leafy greens over root veg.
You can also opt to roast your some of your veggies in the oven with some oil and seasoning to add another depth   of flavor, and then add them to the soup as a garnish.
A splash of red wine could be added when the mushrooms are tossed in (no later) to make the broth that much richer. Unfortunately I had drank all of mine.

If i had more time I would have served alongside my soup a toasted slice of fresh bread topped with steakhouse mushrooms and goat cheese, but I’ll save that recipe for another day.


It’s Friday night AKA soup night. After a chilly day like today anyone would be overwhelmed to come home to a big bowl of this liquid ecstasy. Play your cards right, Toronto.

Bon Appetite!


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