Nobody Chooses Scrooge Over Santa Claus

Thanks to the 4- day blizzard that our snow- removal deficient city has been experiencing, I have decided to give you all a little natural pick me up for the week. With Christmas only eight days away, we’re down to our last stretch and soon will be sleeping in past noon, avoiding our daily workouts and gulping down spiked hot chocolates (minus the hot chocolate) without a care in the world. So, for the sake of your own sanity (and for everyone’s around you), buckle up buttercup! Don’t be that fool who brings everyone down with them. Put a smile on your face and make everyone around you smile too. We are in this together: happiness is contagious.


Yes it’s only Tuesday, but don’t give up and half- ass this week yet, we’re so close! Work hard to play hard. A little snow won’t hurt us, we’re f*cking Canadian. Yeah whatever, your car got stuck? Embrace that sh*t, grab a shovel, and go to town (free workout). Or better yet, boycott that experience all together and enjoy a free ‘warming up’ underground with an environmentally- friendly subway ride.You’re upset about your work shoes getting dirty on your morning commute? Think about how my 4 pound dog feels? Not good. Not only is he forced to face his worst nightmare 3x a day (snow), but he has to publicly shit on the streets while a -20 gust of wind almost knocks him over right into it.


The book i’m reading defines happiness as growth. Material things only brings a short- term happiness that eventually wears off. However, the act of working towards something and actively reaching a goal is what brings the most satisfaction to your life. Don’t throw yourself a post- work sweatpants party. Throw on some layers and go skating, go tobogganing, go cross- country skiing. Plan a trip up North to snowboard. We are LUCKY to have these opportunities, so don’t let another winter pass by without getting to experience them. Look around, Toronto is so festive this time of the year. Restaurants are packed, drinks are flowing, and it’s totally acceptable that the LCBO has lines out the door on a monday evening in December. Why not join in the fun & spread some love and cheer? Smiles are exhilarating. Frowns cause wrinkles.


It is too damn easy to fall into a rut and justify it with a little snowfall, and quite frankly I am tired of people complaining about how cold it is here. I mean seriously, I can’t be the only person who thinks this weather is absolutely beautiful (minus the slush)? “People need to stop bitching about how things should be, and learn to live with how they are.” We don’t have to hibernate inside and complain about it every chance we get. Challenge yourself. For one minute, walk outside, stand there (in silence), look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is, and then proceed to DO SOMETHING.


Its the busiest time of the year, so if you find yourself not having anything planned on weeknights (and especially weekends) you either are a total fun- sucker or you’re not trying hard enough.


Kick this weather in the face and embrace the rest of the week whole-heartedly.


It’s not you against the world, it’s you against yourself.


Happy Tuesdays!



4 thoughts on “Nobody Chooses Scrooge Over Santa Claus

  1. Awesome, awesome post! On my commute this morning, everyone looked sooooo upset about the snow and the delays. I looked at someone and said… hey it’s Canada…snow is the norm. Personally, I love the snow. I was an hour late for work today and as I waited on my bus, I took a minute to take it all in. I love watching snowflakes as they float softly and hit the ground. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world! I wished I could have taken a snow day and made snow angels lol. I plan on getting loads of ice skating in while I can!:) – Donna


    1. Hey Donna!
      Thanks for your kind words I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I love the wintertime just as much as you, we it’s embrace our Canadian weather! If you live in Toronto check out my post from last week on the many things to do in the city this December. Skating is definitely my favourite, followed closely by snow angels turned snowball fights lol.
      Thanks again for your comment 🙂



      1. You’re welcome Tori! I did read your post from last week and found it very informative! I’ve lived in Toronto for seven years and I love exploring the city. Last year, I went ice skating at the Natrel Rink and loved it! Definitely checking out their DJ skate nights this winter:)

        Take care,



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