Morning Adventures: If Walls Could Talk

Opting out of blackout activities last night inspired my 8am wake up to explore the city this morning. I didn’t do too much other than drive from Queen West to King East and back again. Four times. And I am not entirely sure why, but I liked it. My indecisiveness prevented any cash from leaving my pocket (finally), and I found solace in driving around and blasting my tunes (on repeat), all while taking mental notes of the places I need to go on my next bi- annual hangover free Saturday morning. At the top of that list is a take- out pizza shop called Piola which i wholeheartedly regret not getting out of the car for. SOS. Need Za.


I did end up discovering the purpose for my joyride at The Gladstone Hotel in the form of Toronto’s biggest alternative design event cleverly called “Come Up To My Room”. This event runs only until tomorrow night but it is a definite must- see. This three day spectacle showcases 60 artists and designers who have taken over the boutique hotel to create 25 “provocative installations that transform the Gladstone both inside and out.”


If I weren’t headed up to a farm this evening to shoot guns and be rustic you bet I would be attending the Opening Reception from 7-10pm and, depending on my alcohol consumption, would stay for the Love Design Party raging until 230am.


The whole second floor has been taken over and transformed into an absolute mindf*ck, and floors three and four host Hard Twist, “a juried show of work celebrating the intimate, layered and complex relationship between people and textile” until April 2014.


My favourite works from CUMTR are first off Hanging Matter, an inverted terrain that alters and transforms over the duration of its installation. Each triangle has a string attached to it teasing viewers to “pull me” at a specific time. Tonight at the Love Design Party, the strings will be pulled at their respective time to transition the installation into a completely new work of art.





The definite showstopper of the event is called Fall Of The Walled Garden. The artists have transformed this room into a mesmerizing cave of relaxation with fabric, lights and sounds in hopes to mediate the body and personal interactions. The room draws you in with its calm and haunting music and invites you stay for an hour or so without you even knowing. This is a one of a kind experience that cannot be missed. SERIOUS props to the creators of this one.

“Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings”





Finished the day with a delicious stew from Bolt Fresh Bar just down the street.


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