Have You Seen This? Faith In Humanity Restored

My first thought while watching this video is that it might just be one of the best things I have ever witnessed in my entire twenty- two (twenty-three?) years of life. A f*cking plus for the Grammy’s: this is the kind of positive messages we need to not only be sending, but actively participating in. I remember begging the tallest man in the crowd at Osheaga to throw me on his shoulders during this song just so I could sing at the top of my lungs as a tribute to all the people I know who have struggled with their sexual identity, including two of my greatest friends on this planet.


I vote Queen Latifah for president, Madonna for VP and Macklemore for treasurer. For most of our generation, we accept and understand that love has no physical or emotional boundaries / guidelines. However, for older generations and the close- minded among us, I hope this beautiful display of universal support, love and acceptance punches you right in the face.

I did not watch the Grammy’s this year (and I assume you didn’t either), so stumbling upon this video a few nights ago blew my mind. The only big television production I watch annually is the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, tub of (low fat) ice cream in hand, pondering how everyone is okay with 97% of the “angels” being  severely underweight and shamelessly promoting some form of new- age eating disorder (i.e. put the fork down diet). This is an entirely separate blog post though. Promise.

This video makes me proud to be alive. It makes me proud of how far we have come as a society in North America. It makes me proud of the progress that has been made in regards to gay rights. It gives me faith in humanity.

It makes me cry.



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