Happy Is Sexy : How To Say No To Winter Blues

Not only is it February 28th today, it also happens to be the last day of February, meaning two whole months have passed since that drunken stumble into 2014. It’s that time of the year where we seriously consider moving to Zanzibar or Hvar to avoid the bone- whipping negative temperatures. HOW IS IT STILL THIS COLD OUT!? It is now when we declare that we are “getting back on that health grind” via instagram, and begin eating only a piece of lettuce and extremely overpriced fresh juice to counteract the months of munching & face stuffing. We are stuck, not only in Canada (sigh), but also between giving up and getting back on track.


Right now, weekends are most precious, drinking alcohol is an excuse to stay warm (even on Mondays), and online shopping starts to take a toll. We are into the last stretch of Winter, and although giving up and seeking sunshine sounds ideal, I instead propose a challenge.


The book i’m reading says that happiness is growth : that the process of striving after goals brings happiness, and not the attainment of the goal itself. Yes buying new shoes or cutting work at 3 makes you feel better, but for how long? With winds this cold, roads this icy, and drinks this expensive, a short term bliss is not going to cut it.


In order to, as Juan Pablo says, “make your cheeks hurt” (because you’re smiling so much, duh), it’s not enough to just set the goals we wish to reach (stay warm, get healthy, deserve the weekend). We must remind ourselves each day of them, and put in the effort to actively make progress. If we create our own atmosphere of growth instead of just waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to appear, winter will be over in no time, and we will have accomplished a thing or two by Spring.


Still don’t get what I mean? Updating your sunglass collection or buying a new dining table will soon be taken for granted, however tending to an indoor garden or taking a 30- day yoga challenge will bring a fresh joy and self- content that material possessions are not programmed to do.


William Yeates, my husband in another life, wrote that “happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing or that, but simply growth. We are happy when we are growing.” If we don’t grow, we don’t have a purpose, and there is no higher power that is going to place purpose into our lives. YOU create your own purpose and thus, decide your own happiness.


This time of year invites failure and laziness, however I challenge you to fight the flurry (get it?).  Paint a picture, join a gym, do a massive clean of your room, repaint the walls, knit a crop top, cook a dinner each night for a month, perfect that cookie recipe, build a piece of furniture not from Ikea, learn a new language, take a dance class etc etc, the world is your buck- a – shuck! Whatever it is, make sure it gets done, and give your whole heart to it. Dedicate March to your goal. Don’t let this frigid icebox slow down your life, self- wallowing is for the weak and nobody wants to hear it.


“One is not always happy when one is good, but one is always good when one is happy”

Okay, back to work! Keep your head up Toronto, the plus celsius weather will be here soon enough. Right?



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