Live Well, Drink Well : Greenhouse Juice Co.

Does anyone else happen to find juicers a little bit sexy? Im not talking about the $300 mini ones that take hours to clean, but the industrial ones that pulverize whole fruits and vegetables to pulp- free liquid faster than you can say ‘zzzzip’. I think I fall in love every time I watch a whole apple get sucked down the chamber and emerge a fresh seed-less liquid, and due to the rise in juice bars around the city this past winter, I know i’m not alone.


Forward- thinking entrepreneurs realized that making juices at home, although started out as a grand idea, quickly fizzled into a pain in the ass. Juicers all around the city have been collecting dust on kitchen counters for months. So, the owners of successful juice bars such as Bolt, Carrot Common and Greenhouse Juice Co. (just to name a few) caught on to the fact that people would spend $10 on a bottle of fresh Romaine, Kale, Celery, Apple, Ginger and Lemon juice just to avoid the hassle and frustration that comes with the DIY route.


Not to mention, nobody actually owns an industrial sized juicer unless you’ve married rich and have nothing to do during the day except to work out, eat organically and do a 4-month juice cleanse (no offence). For the rest of us who get a little turned on by juicers, try to work out 3-4x a week, and like to respect our body by jumping onto health trends like the fresh juice revolution, then overpriced juice bars here we come


Today i’ve decided to showcase GREENHOUSE JUICE CO., an awesome juice bar that opened in January just North of Rosedale Station. Situated inside a small redesigned toronto house, the space is an open concept workspace with exposed wood beams and a massive fridge stocked with an array of juices designed for the season.


There are a few things that separate Greenhouse Juice Co. from the rest of the juice bars in the city. First off, each juice comes individually packaged in a labelled glass jar, with the ingredients and health benefits right on the front. You can return the jars once you’re done with them, and every ten you return is exchanged for a free juice.


Second, they make their own highly- concentrated ‘mini shots’ for that extra boost of whatever it is you need. These mini shots come in Flu Shot (Echinacea, Reishi, Codonopsis, Astralagus, Oil of Oregano, Lemon) for Immunity boosting cold & flu treatment / prevention, Raw Aloe for detoxifying, immunity boosting, anti-inflammatory and skin purifications, E3 Live for healthy hair, skin & nails, brain power, mood balancing and restorative properties, and a few more (ginger, turmeric etc).


The last highlight is the homemade nut milks that come in four different flavours. I settled for the ‘green milk’ that mixes spinach and maple syrup with their original almond milk. It is fantastic.


You NEED to check this place out. After only three months Greenhouse Juice Co is already so so successful with a loyal following in the area. Even if you don’t like freshly squeezed juice (bc your a degenerate or something), you will definitely find something to indulge in here. And at the very least, cough up that $4 for a mini flu shot, nobody wants to get sick this late in the winter season. 







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