The Best Things Are Bitter-Sweet : Garlic Roasted Radicchio

For most things that are bitter by nature, they must be dolled up in different ways so that the harshness is pleasantly exemplified. Grapefruit needs sugar, Aperol needs Prosecco, and radicchio, the star of this post, needs a great garlic marinade.


Most people shy away from radicchio because lazy chefs around the world just toss it into salads and expect us food mortals to appreciate it’s bitterness. Although it truly doesn’t taste that bad, I’d like to see radicchio embraced wholeheartedly rather than pushed to the side of the underdressed salad bowl.


My favourite way to enjoy this funny looking purple lettuce is to marinate it in a bunch of oil and garlic (don’t be shy) and then roast these bad boys either under the broiler, on the stove top, or my personal favourite : char them on the BBQ (summertime where are ya?)


Radicchio heads, cut into quarters with the ROOTS attached (don’t f this one up)
Olive oil
Too much Garlic
Coarse salt
Freshly cracked pepper

Note: to rid the radicch of some of the bitter taste, soak the segments in an ice bath for at least an hour. Or just suck it up.


Step One: marinate your radicchio quarters in a ziplock with all the ingredients
Step Two: Roast the segments any way you please until they turn black with char
Step Three: Once the outsides are nice and black, cut the root off and you’re left with soft, garlicy radicchio leaves in an array of char and crispness.


DONE, that’s it! If you’re broiling watch out because they can smoke up your oven pretty quick. This can cause some serious panic and distress. Trust me.


I make my favourite salad of all time with this recipe: mixed greens, garlic sesame dressing (with rice vinegar), toasted almonds and Gods gift to Earth: beretta cheese. Add the Radicchio on top and enjoy.


Ps. Radicchio is in season for Spring so hit up those Farmers Markets and roast your own ASAP.










I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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