Meet Your Match x SPCA : Whoever Said Money Can’t Buy Happiness Forgot About Tiny Puppies

Some of the wisest words that have stuck with me to this day was told to an old friend by a woman living in Sioux Lookout  (Northern Ontario). She said that every young boy should grow up with a dog, because if he can learn to love a pet then he will know how to love a woman.


The most loyal relationship I have ever been in is the one that I have with my dog. The phrase ‘Man’s Best Friend’ means so much more than companionship. It is an unconditional love that is so unique to every pup and their owner. People often forget that although your pet is only a part of your life, YOU are their entire existence. So it makes sense to never want to accept the responsibility of eternal loyalty unless you could return the favor, right? (imagine if this could be true for relationships ..)


When the Ontario SPCA (Society for Prevention of the Cruelty to Animals) contacted me regarding their new E-harmony program for adopting pets I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Although I would like to believe that I am a perfect match for every dog, cat, bunny and fluffy thing that enters into my forcefield (kidding, I am), I understand that certain lifestyles can sometimes clash with the requirements of taking care of an animal.


It is a well- know fact that my best friend in this world is a tiny 4 lb ball of fire named Thunder. As most pet owners will agree, your dog(s) sort of run show in your life. They demand to be walked first thing in the morning even though you’re late, they are masters at making you feel guilty for leaving, and, my personal fav., they always find a way to snuggle into nooks while asleep only to wake up in a tangle of sheets and limbs. Sorry Thunds, you’re just not strong enough …


All complaints aside, I wouldn’t trade any of the above for my little man. His quirkiness and possessive mannerisms only strengthen our bond, and I wholeheartedly believe that I will never live another day of my life without a four- legged friend by my side.


So, what exactly does the  Ontario SPCA mean by an E-harmony-esque program for pets?

It is better known as  Meet Your Match, a new online adoption program recently put into works to adequately match pets with the most compatible owner.


When you take their online survey, you get a color based on your preferences and lifestyle. On your visit to one of the adoption centres, you’re given a purple, orange or green guest pass to match the pets who might suit you best. You don’t always have to go with your own color, but at least you’ll know who you’re mixing with


Meet Your Match is the only method in existence today that evaluates an animal’s behavior and interests and matches them to an adopter’s preferences so that you take home your new BFF and be sure that the two of you are truly meant to be.


Adopting an animal is an absolutely beautiful experience, and I suggest everyone check out the SPCA BLOG here: , and take the online survey today. Even if you’re not fully committed yet you truly have nothing to loose.


Spread the word xx


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