I’m Going On A Picnic And I’m Bringing … YOU

10393817_10152495662055490_8522785189808775603_nAfter a month (years) of some serious research, I have perfected the art of the picnic.

Aside from the saving a ton of money aspect, picnics allow for complete customization. You can pick up the cheapest bottle in the Wine Rack with the highest percentage content (btw, it’s SOLA) to drink out of styrofoam cups or pitch on a delicious bottle of red to savour in plastic glasses. You can have an Italian charcuterie, a vegetarian feast or an old school packed in a basket, flower-crowns-in-your-hair style lunch.


AND the best part is that you’re never waiting on a server to refill your water glass, an almost never- ending supply of finger foods allows you to munch for hours without feeling embarrassed, and you can ALWAYS, without doubt, BYOB without the corkage fee.

Now, first thing’s first.. WHERE will we go !?

Trinity Bellwoods –> Probably the most popular park in the city, Trinity is perfect for people watching and running into friends. Plus, you can always find a spot! With an off-the-leash dog park on the North side and bike paths all throughout, this space gives off the perfect picnic vibes for anyone but kids (just don’t bring them).

Allen Gardens –> With a greenhouse that beautiful and an incredible array of flora and fauna, Allen Gardens truly does present a stunning backdrop for a romantic picnic date. Just watch out for the beans, they are usually out of their mind and passed out on a bench.

Scarborough Bluffs –> Whether you sit on the secluded beach area below or make your way up the escarpment for one of the best views in the city, Scarborough Bluffs ensures privacy and may even make you weep if you stay for the sunset.

Morningside Park –> Located between Ellesmere and Lawrence, this place has BBQ spots to enhance your experience and a climbable ravine to work off your meal  post- food baby.

Christie Pitts –> Although not the best place to hide away for the day, Christie Pitts is where you’ll want to be if you can throw a frisbee like AirBud and/or can balance on fishing wire carefully tied between two trees. OH, and Northwood is right across the street, one of my fav. cafe-bar hybrid’s in the entire city 🙂

Ward’s Island –> Although probably better suited for those on a liquid diet, the Island is an awesome place to spend the day riding bikes and getting tuned

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 10.11.19 PM

Okay Okay, but WHAT to bring:

Blanket –> the bigger the better
Cups–> Girls gotta drink
Garbage Bag –> Don’t be an a*shole
Dog–> They only make gatherings better
Utentsils–> ONLY for scooping … picnic food should be finger food
Napkins–> Cause we still stay classy


Now for my favourite part, TORI’S TIPS

1. Bring a pre- mixed concoction in a pitcher to a) avoid dirty looks from the cops an b) to make it easier to pour inconspicuously. You can always bring the concocting ingredients with you to make another batch, but this way you can begin to chug the moment you sit down
2. Anything you make CAN and SHOULD be put into cupcake cups for easy eating. Whether it is baked in (spaghetti cupcakes) or comes in a salad form, just put them in the cupcake cups to help with portion-size and to avoid reaching.
3. STUFF IT! Doesn’t matter if it’s goat cheese being stuffed into Pita or ground beef into peppers, stuffing stuff beforehand (AKA proper planning) can make the world of difference
4. Individual salads in a jar are so SO clutch
5.Wooden boards are perfect for displaying the meats, cheeses or whatever it is your noming on.. they lay flat and are large enough that everyone can grab from.
6.Flower crowns are super fun
7.Cute asian men/women will walk around the park with bags and gardening gloves. Give them your glass bottles, they will be most appreciative.
8.Fresh is Best
9.Ride your bike





Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 10.14.33 PM

OKAY, that’s all for now. I hope you decide to venture this weekend, grab a group of friends (or foe’s) and get the f*ck out of your backyard to enjoy the sun.




3 thoughts on “I’m Going On A Picnic And I’m Bringing … YOU

  1. Hi Tori, What a beautiful post! Thanks for the heads up on the best parks in Toronto. I love your Toronto posts! Do you have an email I can contact you on?

    Thanks 🙂


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