So You’ve Pissed Her Off.. Now What? Where To Dine In T.O !

FOOD! The answer is food. If you’ve never bitten the bullet, succumbed to female dominance, and taken your girl out to dinner even though it was her own sassiness that started the debacle in the first place, the time has come.


Now, there are many degrees of apology. The two of you don’t need to go all suit and tie when you cry over spilt milk. Save that sh*t for the fist fights. On the other hand, don’t fall into the glitzy dinner trap either. SURE King West has some killer resto gems, but sometimes the best meal you’ll have is enjoyed far off the beaten path… or smack dab in the middle of Korea Town ❤ Seriously, Korea Town is the bee’s knees.


So, without further ado, let me satisfy your hourly cravings with a list of my top restaurant picks ranging from a simple “i’m sorry” all the way to “take me back”… 


Never underestimate the power of a hefty charcuterie board and a little dash of effort. Bring. Wine. 


2. BBQ by Candlelight : Cote De Boeuf

Cote de bouef on Ossington has the best selection of quality, local and organic meats, as well as a wide variety of ready to heat dinner supplies like this pre-made garlic loaf (mmm). They also stock local veggies, milks and a selection of cheese, but get there quick because all the good stuff is taken by dinner time. 






3. Latte and a Baked Good : Fika

There are dozens of awesome coffee shops splattered around the city that offer up gourmet baked treats and delicious cold pressed coffee , lattee’s, espresso etc etc. My personal fav. is Fika in Kensington market because it’s epic, but also has an adorable back patio and runs yoga classes throughout the summer. Close behind is Thor on Bathurst, probs because of the name.




4. Lunch Date : Sud Forno

On Queen W, Terroni’s lil sister but in NO means less experienced. This place has the most authentic Italian foccacio sandwiches than anywhere else in Toronto. Trust me. 





5. Beer & Boards: Bar Volo

If you want one of the best draft beer selections in the city and you, like every sane human in the world, like to eat charcuterie, Bar Volo is the place. With over 26 beers on tap, and even more imported beers to choose in bottle form, this is the perfect space to surround yourself with cider, candle light and specialty cured meats all night. 




6Dangerous Dining : Parts & Labour .. OR Just Matty Matheson

Whether you snagged tickets to a “Group of Seven Chefs” meal or not, you need to eat a dish cooked by this dude. Not only jokes and fun to talk to, he takes some serious risks in the kitchen that really do pay off. IMG_3771



7. The Mid-Week Meal : The Oxley

Authentic English cuisine in a cozy country cottage atmosphere yet thrown smack- dab in the middle of Yorkville (said with an accent)? A place like this does not happen often, and it is an absolute GEM. Think wool socks, wood- burning fire place and a cottage on the lake… plus the food is totally delicious (get the cheese dumplings). 20131227-063035.jpg

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 5.41.29 PM

8. Friday night : The Saint Tavern

On Ossington. Buck- a – Shuck on Sun- Tues. Best pierogies in the city. Oh, and the head chef is Rob Gentile *begins to bow*





9. Patio Brunch or Light Salad: Gusto 101

A King West gem, Gusto 101 serves delicious Italian food for brunch, dinner or late night snacks. GET THE KALE SALAD. That is all. WAIT, wine is a dollar an ounce too… 



10. Vegan Friendly : Fresh 

Cold- pressed juice, ginger tea & QUINOA battered onion rings. If you want to feel good about that post-bar poutine this here is the place!


11. Girls Night Out : Valdez

This place has my heart. Seafood paella indoors, Tio’s rooftop BBQ upstairs, and the best mojito in the whole city. OH, and if you get there post- dinner on a weekend they turn the top into a dance party and no one is shy of the D… (floor, that is) 



12. Private Club : Soho House

Totally not “allowed” to post this… 




13. Family Dinner : Le Societe

Amazing food, the best Chef in the city (Romain) and one of my greatest gals will be your host for the evening (Christina)! Yes, the name is fun to chirp ,but it’s pretty fkn epic once you’re dining amongst the elite.. 


14. Celebration : Rasa

On Harbord street, this new resto by the Food Dudes will actually blow you away. Each bite makes you melt and the decor is a mix of old pipes and exposed wood.  Really wish I took more pics but my mouth was full…


15. Snack Time : Bar Buca

They make their own Buffala Mozzarella and stuff it with pesto. Enough. Said. 


16. Glitzy Yet Casual : Barreo Coreano

The food is just as delicious as all the other Playa Cabana’s but the decor takes the taco on this one. 



17. Take-Out : Me Va Me

I’m not usually a fan of chain resto’s but this place is the sh*t. Homemade hummus, baba ganoush and every thing else that can be made into a dip. The gyro is pretty dynamite too. 




18. Date Night : THR & Co. 

Although I’ve been told the sister restaurant has the best burger in the city, THR & CO puts up a good fight with yummy cocktails and one of the best buffalo mozzarella salads in the city. 


19. A Classic: 416

No description needed, just go. 


20. Juice: Greenhouse Juice co. 

Whenever your bod is craving a detox, go here. The best branding i’ve seen in a while (every one else is a copy cat), and a really good assortment the cold – pressed juices and nut milks (that actually taste good). 


Okay, i’m stuff’d ! Enjoy xx


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