Who Cares About Pretty? I’m Going For Noticeable

I recently came to revelation that my ‘pampering’ rituals are absolutely flawed. If you’ve ever noticed my embarrassingly bitten down nails or that my hair has not grown even a bit in the past 10 years (in fact it somehow gets shorter) then you totally agree. To me, having to go out and get pretty is a chore, and is usually pushed to the end of my daily to-do list until no longer ignorable.


I’m probably being dramatic but I KNOW a few readers out there who are nodding in agreement on the other side of the screen. Maybe i’m lazy (i’m not), or maybe it has to do with growing up being mistaken as a boy until I was 12, but I never truly loved the whole process of ‘beautifying’.

See, there's me, looking like a son.
See, there’s me, looking like a bro.

I tap my leg the entire time while getting an inevitably smudged manicure, I rely on my naturally stellar eyebrow shape to avoid the ‘It’s not you, it’s your eyebrow’ chirps, and i’d much rather have a mud bath at the park then spend 3 hours at a spa.


The best part is that I still look pretty damn put together according to societies standards, and I’m saving a TON of money with my at-home beauty regime.


However, there are some days where my hands make me want to cry or my tweezers are nowhere to be found and thus, beauty adventures occur. They are never planned or scheduled, they just happen, and I like it this way.


Now, contrary to popular belief, I do NOT wander aimlessly amidst a sea of beauty bar’s and luxury lash lounges until I muster up the courage to walk into one. I have my go-to spots in which I remain loyal, and now you can too.


So, how the F do I really get pretty (noticed)!?

1. Eyebrows : The Threading Experts

Eyebrow threading is the sh*t and it takes half the time of waxing. It’s better for your skin too : no pulling! Thus, no botox later on in life. Also, it only costs $7.59 … YEPPPPPP, sold.


OK, I also have to toss a shout-out to Ritual salon and their infamous Brow Wow. Not only do they wax, thread, and shape the crap out of your eyebrows, they also throw in a little bit of dye to darken those babies up.


I tried it once as a Valentine’s gift to myself and fell in love! Too bad i ended up being severely allergic to the dye …

2. Sugaring : Aroma Wax Bar


I have been loyal to sugaring since the very beginning of my brazillian career. With only one sugaring salon in the city (but 3 locations) there was a short period of time where I decided that since waxing was more easily accessible, it was worth the extra pain. It wasn’t.


This ideology quickly changed after Big Bertha stripped me raw and made me feel violated… I don’t give a f*ck if i’m late, you do not go faster to make up the time. I do 100% recommend any Sugar Moon location in Toronto, just make sure to book a year in advance.


Aroma is my little secret… The lady who does the sugaring is a dream. She books your appointment the day of, treats your area like a gold mine, and creates a space that’s quiet and zen.. just the way I like it. Oh, and on Wednesdays all waxing is 15% off.

3. Hair : Trevor Odho Studios

Before T.O.S. I was scared and alone. I would buy Groupons for Yorkville salons and pretend It was okay that it took over an hour to blow my hair dry. Seriously, I had no idea what I was missing until Trevor Odho got a hold of my locks.


Did you know that a hair stylist DOES NOT need to use a straightener on your hair after blow- drying it !? And no, you do not need to have it ‘styled’ with a curling iron in order for it to be ‘styled’.


Yes his salon is stunning, but the man behind it all is the real treat. Trev is known for giving the best mens and womens cut in the city, is an expert colorist, pro at extensions and stocks the entire Aveda collection at T.O.S., all in a days work. Pretty sure i’m in love.


And it doesn’t hurt that Trevor might be one of the most attractive men this city has to offer, making the whole experience that much sweeter…


4. Nails : King/Bathurst NON

I usually avoid chain nail places at all costs ever since the raw nail bed vs. rubbing alcohol experience (seriously though, WTF!?), but when i’m in a rush this place just gets me. The ‘express’ mani/ pedi takes 30 minutes, costs $35, and not once have I come close to tears. Let’s be honest, no one actually wants to pay $60 for a pedicure unless it’s at a spa, in a package, and received as a gift on Christmas.


If I have a big event or really want to feel like a Princess I venture to my childhood fav. Urban Nails on the Danforth, mainly for the free treats and tea.


5. Spa Retreat : BodyBlitz

If the thought of floating silently through a grotto-esque series of pools, steam rooms, sea salt tubs and mud baths absolutely naked after a long week sounds like the perfect relief, this place is it. I like going alone and pretending i’m foreign so I don’t have to talk to anyone. Try it, I dare ya.


OK, off to a yoga class.

Namaste xx


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