Thursday Inspiration : Remember The Lessons You Forgot

Thursday’s are always the hardest day of the week. You wake up in excitement thinking it’s Friday, only to quickly remember that you have a whole ‘nother sleep to get through before you can start uploading #TGIF – captioned Instagram’s. I guess there is #TBT, but once that pic you’ve been saving all week to appropriately Instagram on Thursday has been used up, the anticipation for tomorrow begins. Why are our work weeks 5 days long again? Oh ya, because we live in North America.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.33.45 AM

So, until Siesta’s become socially acceptable, or a 4- day work week is implemented, I have an alternate solution to help get you through today. At the coffee shop I was guzzling hot ginger tea’s at yesterday, they had a massive chalkboard set up for anyone to write on. At the top of the chalkboard it says “THIS BREATH FOR” … and underneath are lines (not the sniffable kind, it isn’t friday yet)  for people to add & share.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.34.36 AM

This is a social mindfulness experiment. It asks you to slow down, close your eyes, and with your next breath, dedicate it to someone or something in your life. It is important to take the time to appreciate everything that we have today. So do it. Take 5 seconds this morning to stop and inhale a deep breath.


Whether it be for your Dad, for strength to get through the day, for a friend going through a hard time, or even for your favourite food truck to be outside your office at lunch. Assign that exhalation to whatever it is swirling around in your head at the moment. There are no wrong answers. It is more about the act than it is about the dedication. Promise.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.33.53 AM

It has been proven that deep breathing can help a person relax and can alter the current mindset. I think that it is silly to wait for a yoga class to become aware of this ability to calm ourselves. This, plus a glass of wine or 2 at lunch, and you’re golden for the rest of the day.


“Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot.” -JK

Happy breathing!




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