There’s Never Enough Time To Do All The Nothing You Want

TGIF did not reveal its true meaning to me until I was hit head-on with a 9-6, Mon  – Fri, multiple hours overtime work week. Before this, when I frolicked in the land of contract work and freelance fun, I would chastise those who could not rage until the wee hours of a Tuesday night while I danced my heels flat and rolled around in bed the next morning until it was dark again. (This was a long time ago, get off me).


Now, in my dark days of the underpaid 9-6, I wake up to “Hey, whatcha doing right now !?!?!?!” texts from 10pm the night before instead of actually being awake to receive them, and I frequently make excuses like “I have an ulcer” or “i’m going for a run” in order to keep to my tantalizing schedule of walk dog, work, walk dog, eat, walk dog, bed.


As much as I still wish I could do sh*t all and get paid for it, I have gotten used to the fact that weekends are my silver lining in life and nothing that worthwhile should go to waste. Seriously though, when do you have the chance to do ANYTHING for yourself when you leave your house at 730am every morning and return by 830pm each night? Do you know how hard it is to accept the reality that If it doesn’t get done this weekend, it has to wait until the next!?


So, make the most of the free time you DO have. DUH it’s fun to lay in bed and watch netflix (popcorn time) until you are locked out of your account, but it’s also so much more thrilling to GTFO of bed and do the things that cold weather usually allows you to make excuses for not doing.


Time is really precious. I mean it’s ALREADY December on Monday (wtf?). Think back to six months ago and all the things you said you would have completed by now!!!! Time moves fast, and if it really doesn’t care if you don’t keep up. It is solely your loss.


Getting out of bed on the weekend to do the things you thought about doing all week shouldn’t be a chore. Yeah, you finally get a chance to relax, but spending your time completing your list of chores is much more fulfilling than adding more to the list without crossing any off.


Actually go for that bike ride, learn a new skill, try a new restaurant, see a movie, explore a different pocket of the city, do an activity, see an old friend etc etc etc. Sure Winter may engulf any ounce of motivation that summer helps nourish, but you’re not doing this for the seasons, you’re doing it for yourself. The weekend is YOURS, make the most of it.


OKAY, past my bedtime. Night night workaholics!!







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