Holiday Doings : Things To GTFO Of Bed For

In spite of my last post, I hate to admit that the better (most) part of last weekend was spent snuggled up in bed with Thundy and an endless pot of tea. It’s not that I didn’t have things to do, it’s more that those things seemed meaningless when compared to memory foam and an over-sized robe.


This got me thinking. Just because the intention to do something is there doesn’t actually mean it will get done. I mean, I love the idea of walking my dog for half an hour every morning before work just as much as i love the idea of sleeping in 30 minutes longer. I also love the idea of vacuuming 3x a week but some things are better left as is.


What is it that motivates us to do the things we spend half our days thinking of doing? What gets us to that yoga class on Tuesday evenings or to dinner on a Thursday night?


Why do I force Kyle to walk with me to Parkdale just so I can attend Crown Flora Studios Holiday Market and spend $30 on a wreath that I haven’t even hung up yet? Better yet, what motivated him to walk with me?


Maybe actually having the plan is much more effective than waking up and planning as you go. Yes, weekends are for recovery from the work week, but maybe our definition of recovery has been thrown off by these inhumane winds and over-sized slush puddles.


What if recovery isn’t achieved through cuddly sleeps and warm tea, but in discovering new things, walking new ways and spending your free time doing stuff that the work week makes impossible?


Whether i’m right or whether i’m wrong, i’ve decided to share some weekend inspiration with you. It’s time to GTFO of bed and DO something:

1. GO SKATING. I know I say it every year but there are an insane amount of ice rinks around the city just dying for attention. Plus, it’s exercise… ding ding ding


2. Walk a new area. Whether you go North, South, East or West, you’re bound to find something on the way. A holiday market, an art exhibit, a pop-up playground. You name it, Toronto has it.

3. Dog Park hangs. Yeah, it sucks if you don’t have a pup (get one), but the sheer joy I get from dressing Thundy up in his coat and wellies just to go be antisocial at a park is embarrassingly satisfying..


4. Socialize. Whether it be a daytime drinking game or a friendly game of Catan (world domination), hanging out indoors while it’s still light out can still be a thing.

5. Holiday Baking. For the past 300 years my mum has dedicated each weekend of December to her homemade christmas cookies, and EVERYONE who receives a gluten-filled santa box is eternally grateful. Yeah it can get tedious, but it is damn worthwhile to see mounds of fresh cookies at the end of the day. And if you think holiday baking is just for the Santa enthusiasts, think again! I double dog dare ya to make a menorah cookie that doesn’t crumble. I’ve tried. I’ve failed.


6. BLT SUNDAYS. I don’t want to sizzle my own grill or anything, but BLT sundays is probs the best holiday of the year. Set up your own DIY BLT station, along with a DIY CAESAR STATION if your hangover doesn’t cripple, and host a festive brunch. Legit the most fun. Plus, bacon is invited.


7. Picture Day! With the ever-growing desire to consistently curate an aesthetically pleasing instagram feed comes a need for a constant supply of epic, creative and seemingly unique photos. So, why not dedicate a day to this? Grab some friends, choose some spots and take some pics. Trust me, even if your friends haven’t admitted it yet, they’re down.

8. DIY holiday decorations. Remember in grade 1 when you made the most hack ornaments and holiday decorations that for some reason your parents have still kept to this day? Good, now channel those feel-good vibes and get artsy. Fueling those creative fires only acts as a domino affect, and this time it’s a good thing.


9. Set a goal. For example, this holiday break I am learning calligraphy. Enough said.

10. Holiday Movie Marathon Day. This may sound obvious, but planning this in advance can be so beneficial. Whether it be a series or a collection, everyone is down to curl up around the TV for a day with friends. Secret Ingredient: Stove top popcorn. if you buy the kind in the bag you are seriously missing out.

And if none of the above work, just start planning your next sunny getaway stat.




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