CLASSPASS: 100 Gyms, 1 Membership

Yeaaahh, you read that right. Classpass has launched in Toronto!!
For a single monthly membership fee you can have exclusive access to 100+ gyms across the city, no strings attached.


Want to do a Bikram class after work? No problem.
Maybe a spin class at CYKL on Sunday morning? See ya there!
Perhaps grab a juice at Hard Candy Fitness and lift a weight or two during your lunch break? I’ll swing it.


Seriously though, ClassPass is blowing minds left, right and center by providing you, for the first time ever, the luxury of variety in regards to your workout. Never again will you have to choose which form of fitness you feel the least guilty about funding. No more excuses for never working out, with ClassPass, you can do it all!


Long gone are the days of signing ridiculous gym contracts or paying outrageous weekly yoga fees which you realistically never made full use of.


Get YOUR ClassPass HERE and never look at a GoodLife contract ever again (no offence).

Summer Bods, here we come!




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