MikaFleur Florals | Making Art Out Of Art

Meet Mika Hanaya, an independant floral designer and artist exposing the breadth of natural beauty.


Some people see beauty and accept it. Artists take beauty, expose it and bring it to its most beautiful state.
This is exactly what Mika Hanaya does.


I fell in love with Mika Fleur Designs at the Parkdale Flea about a month ago and have been bragging about her floral designs to any succulent and orchid fan willing to listen ever since.


Specializing in kokedama floral art, Mika styles blooms, curls twigs and fluffs japanese moss balls into stunning minimalist designs.


On top of that, she creates her own pottery to house her creations, from cacti cubes to moss ball bowls, creating a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement.


Mika sells her designs at various markets and pop-up shops around the city, as well as hosting monthly workshops on terrarium creation, kokedama and floral arrangements.


Check it out!



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