#TOmyBRIMZ | A Toronto Instagram Story

What happens when you mix the minds of Toronto photographer and Creative Thinker, Taha Muharuma, with Lifestyle Publicist and Stylist, Talya Macedo? #TOmyBRIMZ


The #TOmyBRIMZ project is a collaborative instagram story developed for Brimz Hat Boutique on Queen West to “draw more attention to the hat shop @BrimzOfficial while shining some light on all of the talent in Toronto”.


As the online brand manager of @BrimzOfficial, and a creative professional who works closely with large and small brands at the idea level to help things grow, Taha understands the power of visuals and social media.

Once the initial idea was conceived, Taha reached out to Talya who he had met on a previous project and trusted that her positive energy, work ethic and deep understanding of art and beauty would bring the #TOmyBRIMZ project to life.


Talya is driven by the ability to support and connect with visionaries whose work she admires and bring eyes to fresh talent, evident by the creative network she founded less than two years ago called @HerCollective.
She hopes that in 5 or 10 years she can look back at the images and know she was a part of someone’s creative journey in some way.


This shared passion for connecting with Toronto’s creative community has become the backbone of the #TOmyBRIMZ project.
As a photographer, Taha wants more people in Toronto and around the world to be exposed to the talent that surrounds them. He wants to focus on the gift that defines each individual he shoots.


Talya sees every person she meets as an opportunity for adornment- incorporating a little something they wouldnt normally wear to change their energy for the shots.


The stories for #TOmyBRIMZ have been kept pretty simple clothing-wise in order to highlight the hats appropriately.
Talya adds that extra spark to each individual so that Taha can capture their vibe in a single image.
The partnership between these two is magic.


Follow @BrimzOfficial for the full #TOmyBRIMZ story and the talented individuals involved on and off the scenes.

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