Studio @ 93H | Season Opener

Introducing the Studio at 93H, a newly converted, century-old coach house
previously¬†a green house and gardener’s¬†quarters for a nearby
Rosedale manor.
After decades of abandonment, it has been converted into a unique studio space set on a wooded hillside terrace to provide an escape from the urban for artists in the city. 
Season Opener_Press Collage

After an inaugural two-week studio residency program, The Season Opener presented a group show presenting emerging artists from Toronto and abroad in an otherworldly, ravine-side building and garden in Rosedale, showing daring site-specific work.


Sponsored by Sapporo and Stoli, the evening brought together live underground music, large-scale installations, projections, sculpture, and printed matter to generate an environment that induced leisurely wandering and intimate encounters with the work and guests.


Guests included a roster of Toronto’s most exciting young artists and influencers who stayed beyond the show and eventually overtook the pool. Attendees included actor/filmmaker and Studio at 93H founder Michael Seater (Life with Derek, Bomb Girls, People Hold On), Dancer Ben Kamino (Dancemakers Creative-Director, AGO 1st Thursday Artist), Artist-in-Resident and international model Myf Shepherd (Gucci, Dior, Prada) and Globe and Mail’s Nolan Bryant.


About The Studio at 93H
 The concept of Studio at 93H is to provide an escape from the urban for artists in the city. Through a program of short term residencies, artists are free to develop and immediately present their work alongside that of their peers to a broad audience of insiders, outsiders, and cultural influencers.

The Studio at 93H¬†is a non-profit project to foster‚ÄĒin parallel‚ÄĒthe development of emerging artists¬†and¬†the audience for their work in a rarefied, otherworldly environment in the city.

About the artists

Myf Sheppard Р Australian Artist and Model (Prada, Dior, Marc Jacobs) from NYC constructed a trio of large-scale sculptures based on three-dimensional interpretations of punctuation marks.
Peter Rahul Р Toronto-based video artist Peter Rahul produces immersive digital pieces and visualizations for local underground musicians Petra Glynt, Lido Pimienta, and Bile Sister.
Jake Sherman –¬†A Toronto-based artist, Sherman installed a wheat-pasted photographic work over the large wall¬†(3x8m) that borders the studio garden.
Jesjit Gil/ Colour Code –¬†Colour Code is an independent print studio and publishing platform based in Toronto, Canada specializing¬†in high quality risograph printing, thermography and screenprinting to produce¬†works on paper and fabric.
Jordan Robin / Lover –¬†From the band Lover, a favourite in the Lower East Side, Jordan Robin flew in to do a solo¬†performance of songs from the band‚Äôs new vinyl LP release. #LoverLovesYou
Robin Clason –¬†Clason, a Toronto-based artist, translated her neon works into a futuristic pool deck scenario.
Christopher Speck and Michael Boatman¬†–¬†Speck and Boatman collaborated on a series of composite ready-made sculptures, sourcing¬†material from the grounds and storerooms of the historic studio building.
Miles Gertler (Studio co-founder)¬†–¬†Toronto-raised architect, artist, and former deputy curator of Canada‚Äôs 2014 Venice¬†Architecture Biennale Pavilion (while at Lateral Office), is now based at Princeton University. He¬†exhibited a number of his collages, which depict otherworldly, monolithic, architectural scenarios.
Michael Seater (Studio co-founder) РWidely known as an actor for his internationally celebrated shows Life with Derek and Bomb Girls, Michael Seater has begun producing his own films, screening Sly Cad at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival with Telefilm’s NSOT program. His debut feature film, People Hold On, will be released this fall.

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