Inkbox | Two Week Tattoos

Temporary tattoos that look like real ink,
but last only two weeks.
Made in Toronto. Funded by Kickstarter.
With over 300 designs to choose from in a variety of sizes,
Inkbox is the only temporary tatt that feels and looks like the real thing,
without the pain or permenancy.
Created by Toronto-based brothers, Tyler and Braden Handley,
Inkbox tattoos launched in July 2015 on Kickstarter
and has received over $275,000 to help bring their vision to life.
The Handley brothers use their Kickstarter money not only to fuel their business, but to also give back
to the community that majorly inspired the concept of inkbox.
They do this by donating a percentage of each sale
to the Darien Initiative
You see, the ink used for each inkbox tattoo is derived from a fruit- the Genipa Americana.
The dye of this fruit has been used by the Embera-Wounaan and Kuna people for thousands of years to decorate their skin with what they call ‘Jagua Tattoos’.
Inkbox sources the Genipa, or Jagua, fruit from
the jungles of Darien Gap in Panama
where the Embera Wounaan and Kuna people call home.
A cool way to test what body art you want before fully committing.
An accessory for any festival outfit.
A unique activity for any event.
Or a quick thrill to spice up your life.
The best part, if you Instagram photos of you and your
Inkbox tatts captioned @InkboxTats, #InkboxLove and #InkboxTats you may be featured
on their Instagram page!

inked 2 

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