The Torontonian

I am a 23 year-old dreamer who has worked in Media and Public Relations for the past 6 years, an amateur journalist always looking for a good story, and an adventure-seeker craving the unknown.

TheTorontonian is a lifestyle space and newsfeed that is unapologetically shameless, inspired and unrestrained.

It’s an online community for me to showcase Toronto talent- a place to expose creations by Torontonians, for Torontonians- in a sexy way.

Its my anthem to the city.


Lets create something –>

“there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun,”

17 thoughts on “The Torontonian

  1. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I was especially tickled to find another Toronto blogger who loves to have a good time and look at things with a sunny perspective. Keep it up, life’s a party 🙂

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  2. I follow you on instagram (usernae: totesliottes) and finally took the time to go through quite a bit of your blog. Well, not only am I a fan of your IG but your blog is fantastic too. I love the generally positive attitude without it being too saccharin and your thoughts and insights towards the city are both entertaining and informative. Thanks for all your work!

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  3. Hey,

    Not sure how much this relates or interests you, but I’m developing an iPhone centered around event planning and figured that it would be great for you and your blog’s demographic. Drop me a line if you’re interested in learning more!


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  4. Writers at The Torontonian

    My name is Jonathan and I think I’ve got a story your writers may want to sink their teeth into.

    Let me give you some background on who we are…

    We`re a couple guys from Toronto & Waterloo, Canada, who just launched a new app. We had absolutely zero experience or knowledge of coding, design, or startups in general (thought a wireframe was a…you don’t want to know). We went to school for Kin, Poli Sci and Chem Eng, never had a clue what went into making a webpage, let alone an app. Many months later we successfully launched our private messaging app called: Tell.

    There once came a point in time when my peers and I realized our mom’s were on our Facebook.
    Posting and distributing our daily thoughts and actions on twitter or Facebook wasn’t cool any more. All privacy and intimacy with your followers was lost.

    Tell is a private status & messaging application. It allows users to message their contacts without the worry of message history. We hope it will allow users to finally speak freely again. Our early users have said how much they appreciate disappearing texts. No longer are they days of message history. Tell has a few new and exciting features as well, such as a deadline feature and a unique group message system.

    We realized, albeit we are completely fish out of water when it comes to apps, we still believed our solution to the problem was real enough so we ploughed forward into the dark and unknown world of building an app. Our first version was a success with great reception. Once we really got going we also realized that just by starting and following through with this venture, we were actually giving hope and inspiration to other kids who never thought in a million years could do something like this. Definitely another silver lining. Now I am sure that this process is a trip for even the most avid coder, but I can assure you it is an absolute adventure and a half for kids who don’t have the slightest clue of what they were getting themselves into. Those kids are are us.

    Weather you like the idea of an application that sends disappearing status updates or messages, and all the potential uses it could be used for. Or you like the idea of some small town, inexperienced kids in the massive tech industry going head to head with the big time players, we believe there is definitely a story here.

    We just want a chance for our voice and story to be heard.

    Looking forward to hearing back from one of your writers soon.

    In the mean time feel free to check us out at:


  5. A very refreshing read. I only regret that you weren’t up and running when I was doing television news features in Toronto. I could have used the inspiration! Keep up the good work…..(thanks for following my blog) and have a libation at La Societe for me while you’re at it. I still miss that place.

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  6. this is ONE awesome blog – i am a TORONTO based blogger / event manager and love to network, your style and content is raw and organic, and it’s awesome to see a dope chick do her thing – keep it up, lets collab on something in the near future!


  7. Hey there,

    My name Cece Torchia, and I’m the Senior Copywriter at The Brand Factory, a branding and digital agency located in the heart of Toronto.

    We are currently working on an exciting project for one of our developer clients. We are creating a magazine-style brochure for one of their new condo-projects located at the corner of Queen and Spadina.

    We are reaching out to you in hopes that you’ll be interested in becoming a contributor. We are looking for succient and well-crafted articles on restaurants in the area, lifestyle, parkland, etc. (the list is endless when it comes to this neighbourhood).

    Are target demo is a little older (38 – 42), and these articles will need be vetted by our team here at TBF. BUT – it does pay (and pay well).

    If interested, please contact me as soon as possible (like everything the ad world, there’s a bit of a rush on this job).

    Thank you again!

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  8. Hello Torontonian!

    My name is Emily and I am a volunteer at Jing Yin Temple. I would like to personally invite you to the 2015 Doors Open event being held at our Buddhist temple on May 23rd & 24th. Even if you have already attended in prior years, there are new sights and sounds for you to behold and we wish to welcome you again! When you step inside the temple, you will be transported back in time by the intricate designs created in stone, wood, and metal. Adorning the shrine are numerous, highly detailed gold statues and symbolical Buddhist representations designed by our Master Lian Xiong.

    This year we are planning an even bigger Doors Open event! We will be promoting fitness and well being for all ages. There will be outdoor games featuring a “flying slipper” game, a basketball competition, and other activities. Refreshments will be served and prizes available! For younger children there will be an indoor jungle gym. Visitors may join guided tours of the temple and its grounds. Throughout the weekend, we will have unicorn dance and chanting performances. We hope you can join us!

    For further details here are some links:
    Facebook (

    Jing Yin Temple Official Website
    We were also featured on CTV!
    JYT featured on CTV
    We look forward to seeing you!


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